Saturday, 19 March 2011

It Ain't Easy Being Pretty

This is another great photograph by the same guy who also created the one in the previous Cherry 2000 post.

Photo by Aaron Nace on Flickr, May 2009.

The guy is just a genius with the lights and Photoshop. Just read on his Flickr site that apparently he's giving Photoshop classes ... Anyways, I can so imagine being this guy he portrays in this picture. Who doesn't know the feeling of pimping himself back to non-zombie state using his Clark Kent powers? Just sucks when the misses forgot to put away her Kryptonite lipstick ;-).


Duzinga said...

Photoshop is the sad bit for me, it's such an awesome photo but the moment I read photoshop, it takes the magic away.

MAT said...

I hear you dude, I usually feel the same way. In this picture it's probably only the colours that received a bit of a punch, which kind of saves it for me.