Sunday, 30 January 2011

Electro-cute Hairography

Even before Glee I always was a huge fan of hairography, although I have to admit I did not have an actual term for *it* before. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, have a quick look here and it will become obvious straight away.

The great thing about the term hairography is that it is somewhat universal. It's creators probably had something in mind like: "Dance performance ... Choreography ... Flip your hair around like crazy looks cool ... Can hair dance? ... Why not ?! ... Let's just call it Hairography!". Whereas from a photography viewpoint, one could say: "What is this mysterious hair actually doing while flipping around like crazy? ... Who has the power of freezing blinks of an eye in time? ... Photography! ... A photograph of hair doing hairography ... Hair ... Photography ... Hairography!"

I'm glad I worked that one out and can now finally show you an absolutely stunning picture of hairography:

Photo by LA NADA, December 2010.

I tried a little bit of hairography myself a while ago. It is great fun and the hardest part is to get a shot where the model maintains a normal facial expression. Not sure I could do that at all whilst flipping my hair like this (apart from the fact that it is probably not long enough)!

Photo by MAT, December 2008.


Smileys said...

Would it be alright if I used your first hairography picture in a photo-manipulation? I will post a link of the photo-manipulation once it's up but I'll only post it if you don't mind... it's a great photo, one that I've been trying to find the like for a long time so I'm itching to post it but only with your permission.

MAT said...

That shouldn't be a problem. However, bear in mind that only the picture taken by MAT is my own. For the other one you would have to follow the link alongside the first picture and ask the photographer himself.

Smileys said...

Right! Didn't realize! Well, I'm going to go ask them now, thanks!

Moose_juice said...

Would it be OK to use the second image MAT. It would also be a photomanip, and I can post the final result, and give credit :)

MAT said...

Hi Moose_juice, no problem as long as the edit is appropriate and does not discredit the person in the picture.

Feel free to post a link to your edit, I'm curious how it is going to look like!