Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Jones!

Two days ago I re-discovered Grace Jones as an absolutely fantastic singer and performer. If there is anybody who thinks this woman is not hot then this somebody has no idea about anything ;-).

There are no words to describe the vast variety of things she has done (apparently long before anyone else), so here you go:

And here is yet another one, which is from a photographic point of view just awesome:

One older music video and a new one from 2008, here's the mojo ...

I actually looked for videos of Grace Jones on YouTube after I read that she said that she doesn't find Lady Gaga very innovative and that is she is not at all flattered when Gaga imitates her style. Don't worry about that Grace (not that I think she doesn't anyways ...)

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Gordana said...

That shot of her mirroring the guy (or vice versa) is pure awesomeness. The Eiffel Tower, the berets, the red wine, the floor pattern, that column, it's all so utterly what the world thinks France is like (and probably is).
Happy belated Birthday, Grace Jones.