Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wedding Photographs Follow Up

I just came across another (this time not trashing wedding dresses) great wedding shot:

Photo by Ronald Soliman 2009 (I believe), Delaware, US

This wedding picture is just great. There is everything in there: a memorable moment, the groom may now kiss the bride, excited relatives and kids who behave!

On top of that I think you are a pretty good wedding photographer, if you are able to see and capture(!) moments like this on a mayhem wedding day.


eVa said...

This picture looks amazing! Specially the kids and the guys in the backround.

I am missing just a more intensive kiss! But I did not merry yet maybe it is like this ;)

MAT said...

Haha! Not sure whether it would be appropriate to suck one another's tongue out in front of family, friends & kids though ;-)...