Wednesday, 15 July 2009

One-of-a-kind Fantasy Mermaids Reloaded

Just a quick addendum to the previous Who Said Mermaids Don't Exist?;

When looking for more Mermaids swimming around in the world wide wocean, I came across the Flickr profile of Nenúfar Blanco, where she features many interesting photos of ethereal and fantastic Merpeople.

It took me quite a few pictures before I realised that the featured Mermaids and Mermen are one-of-a-kind fantasy dolls, which are made by Nenúfar herself.

Photo by Nenúfar Blanco, Lucretia, 2008

I was quite impressed by the high level of detail and the unique look she creates. Despite I am not a particular fan of small figures or puppets, I really like them.

In case you would like to buy one, you can go to her website, where you can get your unique model for (at the time I write this) $350.-, which is not too bad considering those dolls are unique and handmade.

Most people might think: "What a strange hobby!" As far as I'm concerned this just adds to my amazement. In case you want to read more, you can also visit her blog.


klixmix said...

Hey brother,
did you splash water on your lovely wife and get suprised? or whats this arielle stuff about...thats new side of you.

greetz eVa

MAT said...

Haha ;-)! As you know: "Doch zuerst ... schafft man Stimmung fuer l'Amour!"

We actually watches Splash a few weeks ago, which made me looking for mermaid stories on the web.


klixmix said...

Ah! That's the gist of the matter (hopefully I said that in the right way ;)

My memories on that movie are quite rare think I was little too young :)

For the Arielle song I come and sing along: "...come on and kiss the girl... ;)"

Gordana said...

Am I the only one thinking that they look rather creepy? Little dolls, wax figures and whatnot are really not my kind, I am terribly sorry.
But I could watch Daryl Hannah as a mermaid all over again.
Eva, I should splash some water on Martin. Maybe he really is trying to say something?

MAT said...

They do look a little creepy, but I think that's what makes them look more interesting than a barbie.

Luckily you are not a mermaid, Gordana, considering the amount of rain we've got over here. If you were one, however, you would always be my favourite one baby ;-)!