Saturday, 13 June 2009

Filey or See You in Another Life, Brother!

Beware me tampering with faith, but it has to be said that the start of the summer in North Yorkshire (UK) has been gorgeous so far! It is quite dry and we are having a good amount of sunshine. The nice weather always makes us longing for the coast, hence my wive's and my recent visit to Filey.

Filey is a picturesque small town about 8 miles south of Scarborough. Unlike Scarborough, this little jewel in the crown is a bit more quiet in terms of beach arcades (not visitors). According to Encyclopedia Galactica, it is noteable that Leo Blair (father of ex prime minister Tony Blair) was born in Filey. Whilst maybe noteable this is not what necessarily makes Filey exciting. Let's also hope the Blair Witch is not involved somehow ...

What does make Filey exciting, however, is the fact that time seems to stand still there. There are lovely narrow paths between the old houses and gardens, a nice beach, great scones and friendly locals. Admittedly, there is not much 'action' going on and apart from the lot on the beach, mostly elderly people are hangin' out on the numerous benches.

Photo by Martin A. Trefzer 2009.

We were thus not surprised when we walked into a music festival that took place in a pavilion, surrounded by a large crowd of eaglerly listening elderly. The music was rather boring and the crowd slightly apathetic when the strangest event took place: the band started to play Is This the Way to Amarillo of South Yorkshire singer Tony Christie. All of a sudden, the old ladies and chaps started to sing along and clap their hands. Some couples even started to dance around the pavilion during that song!

Sometimes it's so simple to get into a good mood. My wife and I now like the song and we are frequently listening to it ever since. We want to make sure to know the text by heart in forty year's time!

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Gordana said...

Who knew Tony Christie is a Yorkshire lad?
No wonder they love him here :-).